ImageWhat are the two things you need to know if you are looking to buy or sell real estate in the Charleston County real estate market? Trends and values. What are the trends in home sale over the last 5 years, and what happened to the median home price over that same period. The answer to those two questions will help you to know if the market is right for your next steps.

Since 2008, the number of homes sold in Charleston County bounced from 4,043 homes (2009) to 4,982 homes (2011). Then 2012 had a jump in sales of over a thousand sales, to 5,987 homes. That increase reflects an improving economy for Charleston County and an upbeat outlook for business in the area.

But what about median home prices during that time? What story do these numbers tell? In 2008 the median home price was $254,900, but Charleston County was behind the curve on the collapse of the housing market. That number had a precipitous drop in 2009 to $226,000, a slight increase in 2010 to $235,000, and back done to $219,916 in 2011. In 2012 we see an increase in the median price to $228,000. What do we learn from this five years of data?

The old real estate adage is that you never know that you’ve reached the bottom of a market until you start seeing prices rise. It may be a little early to declare that the market is on the way up, if you only look at the median prices. After all, the numbers went up in 2010, only to drop back in 2011! Its hard to say why that happened without more data. Maybe it was problems with interest rates. But one thing was interesting between 2010 and 2011. Even thought the median price dropped, the number of homes sold increased! And in 2012, the number of homes sold saw a significant upward trend.

Charleston County is a vibrant business center and has a strong and stable real estate market. Developers have shown continued confidence in the Charleston County real estate market with new developments coming online, and older developments being re-invigorated. Is this the time to buy or sell? Business leaders think so. Developers think so. And we think so.

No one can forecast what the future will bring. One thing is certain, though. Conditions at this point in time in Charleston County seem ripe for you to buy your first home or your next home, and since there is some indication that home prices are recovering, it looks like the right time to list your home for sale.


Patricia and Me

We had just met and couldn't resist the photo op!

We had just met and couldn’t resist the photo op!

It has been sometime since Patricia and I got together. And there have been a lot of changes over the years. We have changed businesses at least a few times, but we have always been in sales or sales related jobs. We have lived in New Jersey a few times, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and now in Mount Pleasant, SC, just east of the Cooper River from Charleston, SC. Hair styles have come and gone, and so has facial hair…Mark’s!

We are still here!

We are still here!

After more than 25 personal real estate transactions we learned about the good, the bad and the ugly parts of real estate transactions! There are many stories to be told about some of the houses we bought, the ones we didn’t, and the ones we shouldn’t have. We learned about real estate agents from personal experience and what makes one better than another. And we learned why some agents always have loyal clients and others are always looking for new clients for their next transaction! When we made the decision to enter the business, we knew that we wanted to be the ones with loyal clients who would always refer their friends to us for their real estate needs.

Our business has done well and we are very thankful to our many clients who trusted us so much with their transaction that they trust that we will treat their family and friends with the same way. It is a great time in real estate and Mark and Patricia Fuchs Team Up for Success with our clients as we have for these many years!

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Great meeting this morning with David Preston on internet marketing. The meeting was sponsored by the Lowcountry Business Network. Just one too from David will save me about $400!!!

Great meeting this morning with David Preston on internet marketing. The meeting was sponsored by the Lowcountry Business Network. Just one too from David will save me about $400!!!

If you have been following these posts, you may remember why I call this The Life I Think I Lived. But for those of you who are just joining in the reason is because others who were a part of my life, and who still are, may have a different view. I would appreciate their contributions since they may have seen things differently.

Field House at Jefferson Playground

We had great recreation facilities in Jefferson Parish. I remember riding my bike to Jefferson Playground. It was less than a mile away and Jefferson Hwy was the only major road to cross. Everybody rode their bikes to the playground and nobody locked their bikes. Everything worked fine, unless, of course, someone was made at you or you were made at someone. Then there might be less air in your tire or something equally sinister.

I remember playing basketball for a season or two. I liked basketball and was pretty good as a player. The biggest problem I had was my big feet! I seemed to be unable to keep them from accidently kicking the basketball while I was dribbling down the court. I didn’t dribble much, so I got to set picks and shoot jumpers and hook shots off passes from the guys who could dribble. One game, I was making a jump shot and got hit in the back by one my opponents. The hit took me out of the game and eventually out of basketball. Somebody’s bike tires were flat after that game. No one seems to know who did it, but as I rode off I promised that I would keep my eyes open to see who would have done such a thing.

I tried football for a couple of seasons. I even made the JV team in high school. That is until they realized I was slow and didn’t like getting hit. Since I was a tight end that was a problem since we ran a lot of patterns where the tight end crossed the middle of the field and always got hit. My helmet got knocked off on one route and I got cleated in the head near my left ear. I thought about what I was doing and decided my talents would be better served playing baseball.

The announcer's booth at the baseball stadium

Baseball has been very, very good to me! I played almost every position in the field. Louis, Jr. was a catcher and a good one at that, so I tried to be a catcher. I was OK, but the coach had other ideas. He moved me to 3rd base! I had a great arm and my throws to 1st based were always on target! I had good enough reflexes to cover up the fact that I was slow…for a little while anyway. Coach decided that 1st base was the perfect position for me even though I was right handed. It workout for quite a while and then I move to the outfield and played each of the three positions. I had a strong accurate arm. We had good pitchers and there weren’t that many fly balls hit my way. That was a good thing since I was slow. But I could hit!!! I had the highest batting average in the league and lead the league in home-runs each year I played in Little League, American Legion and Senior League, a league that competed with American Legion for players and ball parks. When the Senior League built their fields near the Huey P. Long Bridge, I hit the first home-run out of the main field. That got a lot of attention locally, including a free haircut at Bob’s Barber Shop, and gift certificates for the hardware store and a new steakhouse nearby called Ruth’s.

League play took us all around Jefferson Parish. At one park I was introduced to Florida Water. It wasn’t for drinking. It was something added to ice water to make it colder. We needed that during July and August. I played for a couple of All Star teams and we took trips around the Gulf States Region. One time we played some good old boys in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The name of the town really described that team! They were big boys and they could hit a baseball! We were down by 10 runs by the top of the second inning. Even though we did make it a game, we didn’t feel like All Stars. I think they put in their third string after the 2nd inning.

There is more to tell about baseball and the softball league I played in. You could hear the story of “Meatball Mark” and the .757 hitting average. There is the story about try-outs were I had chance to make the team based on what I did with 10 pitches (made the team.) But, that can be for another story at another time, or not.

Thanks for reading my blog.