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The clouds were gathering and lightening flashing.

The weather forecast was for upper 90’s and a heat index over 115. Very little chance of rain according to the forecast. Of course if you grew up in the South you know what can happen on those hot , humid days.

I was on the Isle of Palms when I first noticed a few clouds gathering. Leaving the office, there were a few drops of rain on my car, but it wasn’t really raining. The skies were a mix of light gray and darker gray, No thunder, no lightning and as I crossed the connector to Mt. Pleasant, I thought I had seen as much rain as there would be. A few hours later I felt the air changing and saw the skies getting heavy with clouds.

The temperature dropped suddenly and I looked outside to see the picture on the left. It didn’t take long before these clouds turned from light gray to a deep charcoal with flashes of lightning back and forth. Then a few claps of thunder…still not rain, but not for long! The clouds opened and the heavy rains began to hit the hot road producing steam. Now the lightning was dancing across the skies and the clouds were as bright as the midday skies.

And then it was over. What an impressive display! Starting the morning in the 80’s, progressing through the day to the mid-90’s, and closing the evening with a 20 degree drop in temperature in just a few minutes, heavy rain thunder and lightning, and then temperatures reverting to the upper 80’s before bedtime.

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Homes use energy every day.

Most of us are do not think about how much energy we use in our homes. At least, not until we receive our energy bill from our service provider. Here are a few statistics that we should be familiar with concerning how much energy buildings use in the United States according to the U. S. Green Building Council, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) web site:

  • buildings use 39% of the total energy consumed
  • they use 68% of the electricity
  • emit 30% of greenhouse gases
  • use 30% of the raw materials
  • produce 136 million tons of waste annually
  • are responsible for 12% of the portable water consumed

Are these statistics indicating good energy use or bad? Can those numbers be changed? What can an individual do to deminish the energy we comsume in our own home? All of us need to educate ourselves about how to more efficiently utilize our limited resources. There are options that make sense and some that may or may not make sense. I will explore some of the options in a series of blogs over the next few weeks. I will share with you what I learn and provide you with references that you can use to find answers that might work for your circumstances. Here are a couple to start with:



Enjoy your research!

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