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I started bike riding about 45 days age. How things change in 40 days! When I started I would ride around my neighborhood for 20-30 minutes. I took the same route most days so that I felt comfortable (and wouldn’t get lost!)

I thought I was doing pretty well those first few weeks. I could complete the ride without feeling tired, by I wasn’t actually enjoying the ride. I was riding because I had made a commitment to ride the 30 days in September. I remember that Kristin B. Walker told me that I just needed to ride every day for 30 days as part of 30 Days of Biking. It didn’t matter how far I rode, around the block would count. I just needed to get on that bike every day for 30 days straight. That was the hook! Initially I thought I would ride around the block. But I found that I couldn’t just ride around the block! I had put on my clothes and shoes, got on the bike, and I wasn’t going to waste that energy just to take a spin around my block!

A pleasant place on my ride.

If you followed me on Facebook or Twitter you know that in the beginning my posts/Tweets weren’t much more than a log of rides. Then I might have said something about the scenery. But I seldom talked about how I felt. I didn’t feel bad, but I didn’t know if I felt good. I was happy when the ride was done because I had notch another day off the commitment to do 30 days. I wasn’t paying attention to how my body was feeling…except for that seat! Why can’t bicycle seats be more comfortable? I finished my 30 day commitment on 10/4/2010 and I am still riding every day. Why?!?

How things change in 40 days! I’m actually liking this bike riding thing. In the last week I’ve noticed changes in my daily ride. I’m having to ride farther to keep to my 30 minute ride. I also noticed that I don’t change gears as much as I did in the beginning. I’m paying attention to the things I’m seeing in a different way and I’m enjoying the 30 minutes with just me. I feel happy after the ride, not because I’m finished, but I feel good.

I have fibromyalgia and osteo arthritis. As a result, I was in a lot of pain most days even though I have been on medications that are supposed to help. I had trouble sleeping because I could never get comfortable in bed. I tried walking, but my body did not like that very much. I had gone to the gym, but weight training was painful in my joints. Bike riding has allowed me to get some exercise and that is so important to relieving the symptoms of my ailments. Patricia, my wife, tells me about the endorphin rush she gets from exercise. I never felt that. Or did I? Maybe the endorphins are responsible for some of my pain relief. Whatever, how things change in 40 days!

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If you’ve read some of my previous blog posts, you know that I committed to something called 30 Days of Biking for the month of September, 2010. My friend Kristen Badger Walker had encouraged members of our company, Dunes Properties of Charleston,  to sign-up. The rules allowed you to count a ride even if it was just around the block. So I did, but I had equipment problems. My LandRider hadn’t been ridden much so Kristen recommended I visit Dan at TREX Bicycles in Oakland Plantation. I did and Dan got the LandRider in suitable condition to take on the challenge.  

September in the Lowcountry of Charleston can be a bit hot and this year September started out that way. I signed up on Thursday, 9/2 and my first ride was Friday, 9/3. It was hot and my ride was short. Not because of the heat, but because I started having second thoughts (my body did for sure). Saturday was already booked with commitments and that made it easy to skip my ride. My wife, Patricia, encouraged me on Sunday and that was the reason I got back on the bike. All of this is to explain how the count of Days and Rides seemed to be out of sync.  

I’ve been asked what I learned during my 30 Day commitment. That is a hard thing to quantify.  A lot of things were re-learning things I knew…bike riding is fun, commitments  are good to make but can be hard to keep, moderate exercise won’t kill you and may be fun, and riding alone in the morning can bring clarity to your thoughts! I learned that I can do what I set my mind to do, but that is often hard to remember in the middle of a commitment. I learned that my body wasn’t as committed to this as my mind was. I learned that even with the encouragement of my wife and other good friends, it was up to me to carry out the commitment. And I learned that Lance Armstrong doesn’t have to worry about me as a competitor!  

My first ride was about 20 minutes long. My average ride was 30 minutes. Yesterday I rode 10 miles in one hour. Today I closed the commitment with a 35 minute ride. None of my rides were less than 20 minutes. I just didn’t think riding around the block was in the spirit of the commitment…unless it was a really long block! I owe thanks to my support group Patricia and Kristen. I also want to thank my accountability partners on The Lowcountry Business Network, Twitter, and Facebook. They were dragged into the job, but many of them were very supportive by their comments.  

My plan is to keep on riding, but without the daily posting. There was something else I learned. At 6’3″ and 255lbs, I’m not the typical bike rider. I might need to reshape my image and that leads me to my next commitment. Age will reshape the height which means that I need to take on reshaping the weight! I am committed to losing at least 40lbs in 90 days. The clock started on Saturday.  

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I’ve been slow posting this week, but I have good reason! We spent the week on Isle of Palms in our fractional share of Palm Seasons. I’ve posted about our time there before. I’ve also been keeping up with my 30 Days of Biking and posting progress on Twitter and Facebook. Then there was that sunset cruise on the Palmetto Breeze out of Morgan’s Creek Tuesday evening.

Love the color!

Those are my reasons, besides working some opportunities within The Lowcountry Business Network with Ellen Stebbins. And providing support to my wife Patricia as she works through a couple of real estate transactions. I did go to training at Charleston Trident Association of Realtors to hear Doug Devitre on Social Media. There were a couple of trips to the airport that took a little time. A gathering of about 20 of Patricia’s Gang of Girl Friends (along with Steve), and another with just a few friends.

I just took the week off to relax with the family! Thanks for your understanding.

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When Kristin B. suggested on Twitter and Facebook that her friends should register for 30 Days of Biking, I laughed and thought I would have a little fun with it. Kristin is an avid biker and shares her experiences in her blog http://charlestoninsideout.net/. She and I are both with Dunes Properties, so you will get information on her site about downtown Charleston. Patricia and I cover Mt. Pleasant, Isle of Palms and Wild Dunes, so you will read some real estate information on my blog…good stuff that will help you answer real estate questions. But, this post is about biking and my commitment to ride for 30 days.

I completed my 13th ride today, the 14th day since I started. Sine my last blog post, I have reported on FB and Twitter incorrect information by counting one day and one ride less. After today’s Tweet and FB Post, I remembered when I started and I am correcting the count accordingly. The amusing thing is that I posted and Tweeted that my memory was improving. Now we have evidence that it is!

I remember me then!

I am actually feeling better after the rides and it is carrying over throughout the day. Someone told me I looked like I had lost weight. I can’t say because I did not weight myself at the start. What was the point? I knew I was overweight. I will say that my pants fit better.

It would be fun to hear from you. Are you biking at all? Did you commit to 30 Days of Biking? Are you following the progress on Twitter and Facebook? Will you?

Thanks for reading this post. I’ll write more soon. Comeback or subscribe.

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One of my work colleagues, Kristen B., is an avid biker in downtown Charleston, SC. Kristen tweeted about a project, 30 Days of Biking, and asked for people to participate…she didn’t actually ask, but it was inferred (or is that implied?) that we should. Well, that’s what I heard as I read her tweet, or was it a post on Facebook? Anyway, I decided to do it. After all I am turning 64, and even at 6’3″ I am overweight, and its only 30 days! So I started on the quest.

A few years ago I impulsively bought a LandRider Automatic Shift bicycle from and infomercial. I have used it, but like most exercise equipment that I buy, it quickly became part of my personal exercise equipment museum. I must have anticipated this 30 Days of Biking because at the beginning of spring I had the old LandRider tuned up. Then it promptly took its place in the museum once again, but all clean and oiled just in case.

Well, now that Kristen B. was pleading (and that is what I heard) for people to do this, the LandRider was being pressed into service. The first day it was a challenge to get started. I had to take the LandRider down off of its display wall and pump up the now deflated tires. I rode 3 miles that first day and thought this would be easy! The next day, not so much! My butt hurt and so did my thighs. It was easy to find reasons not to ride that second day.   My shoes were dirty. I didn’t have an outfit. The sun was hot.  You can add your own excuses, or better yet, send them te me because I might need them. I did not ride!

On day 3 my conscious got the best of me and I rode. The same thing happened on day 4, but Patricia, my wife, played the role of my conscious. A funny this happened on day 4. I was less concerned about my dirty shoes, improper outfit and the fact that the sun is hot, and began to notice the smells I was encountering. The marsh has its own unique smell and I live in a marshy area. Flowers have an enjoyable fragrance, and so does the smell of fabric softener from the dryer. Funny how things changed!

Lance Armstrong does not have to worry about competition from me. Most kids can beat me in a race. But I’m glad that I’m doing this 30 Days of Biking. I’m learning something about myself and about the area I live in. It’s only day 4 and ride 3 so there are no profound learnings or revelations to share. There is this, though. I am enjoying these short adventures!

Will I continue after 30 days…stay tuned and I’ll let you know.

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