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I know, I’m tardy again. Once you read this post you might understand that that could be my normal. Some house keeping first though. I received a comment from my cousin Phillip: “GREAT JOB– PLEASE TELL US MORE — I ONLY REMEMBER THINGS AFTER 1960—- WHAT DID BIG LOU DO WHEN HE 1ST CAME BACK FROM WWII AND WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER ABOUT MY MOM AND DAD. I REMEMBER WHEN WE ALL GOT TOGETHER TO CLEAN ALL THE WOODS OUT OF THE BACK YARD WHEN YA’LL 1ST MOVED TO 540 JEFFERSON AND MY DAD SCRATCHED HIS EYE BALL!!” Phillip, you have a short memory, don’t you? (Kidding) I want to answer as much as I can about this for Phillip. So lets get that out of the way.

When Big Lou returned he found Gert (that’s one of his names for Carmel) and Little Lou were staying with the Mullens on Magazine Street. You should know

Louis, Jr, Me and Terry

that Big Lou only knew about Louis, Jr. from letters. One thing I know about his return is that I showed up in about 9 months after he showed up on Magazine St.

My first memories of your mom and dad were from our visits to their homes near Audubon Park and on Magazine St. We had fun when we visited, but Aunt Nina was always yelling: “Don’t leave things dragging!” As to the move to 540 and your Dad scratching his eyeball, well, weren’t we all great woodsmen, being city boys and all?!? I had a wonderful time back than and that leads me into Starting School.

It was a very traumatic experience, I think. I remember crying and begging to go home. That didn’t work and the nuns finally got me to go to class…I hated it and believe I was scarred for life by the experience…those of you who know me will agree, I’m sure. Seriously, though, that first year set the tone for many school years to come. I remember  only a few specifics about first grade. Within a few grading periods I made the Honor Roll for the first time. It was also the last time! I thought that it was easy to do, so I didn’t need to pay attention because it didn’t mean anything to me. I think I had ADD before it was popular. All of my report cards were checked with: “Waste Time and Annoys Others.” Some who know me now might say that in a lot of ways little has really changed in that area. I remember being in love with Mrs. Keifer who taught 6th grade. Her son was in my class for a number of years. Sis. Mary Jane Francis was one of the teachers who did take a special interest in me. She may have saved my life (at least figuratively) a time or two.

There was the time that Mom was teaching at a Jefferson Parish grade school on Jefferson Hwy and Dad was at work. Terrence and I were supposed to catch the school bus, but we missed it, so I decided we could walk to school. We arrived just as the school was emptying for a fire drill and I decided we that school must be over for the day and we should go home. The rest of this story needs its own post. There are more stories than I can fit into this post. I may need to do a part 2. Let me know what you think. If at least a few of you want to hear more I will add a few stories to a Part 2.

I will try to find a few more pictures to include in my blogs. I may have to get help from Brother Garry and maybe Terry. They seem to have all of the old prints. If the Crottys have any to add or if Phillip has a few, I would appreciate copies. See y’all next time!

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On and off for the past several weeks…months really, I have been stuck. It seems as though every time I would try to post a blog my mind would go blank! Nothing! So I ‘cheated’ a little. I used some canned stuff about your home, maintaining it and insuring it. I am determined not to have that happen again…but I make no promises.

One way to get around the block was to commit to a series of posts on one subject. I decided to get a little autobiographical. I came up with the title The Life I Think I Lived. It is OK, not great, but it is serving a purpose.

Big Lou, Gert and the boys.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will add posts about the life I think I lived, but some people may not agree with what I remember about MY life. My brothers and cousins and the wives and children lived their own lives and where our lives intersected, they may remember things a bit differently. I do not claim to have a perfect memory. I invite their comments on changes that they would make to my story, but would rather hear their comments in the context of their stories in their own blog someday.

I started to outline the series below. This is a work in progress and is subject to change. I may leave out parts or add others. It should be fun…there are no axes to grind, no resentment for anything that happened or any of that stuff. What I learned from Carmel (Mom, the only woman in the photo), is that you should only remember the good about others. That is what I will try to do.

Please leave a comment. Tell me what you think of the plan. And, if you’d like to, share it with your friends on FB or Twitter. That would really get me motivated to write more!

When I Was a Child

– Lion’s Street

– Starting School

– The Years of Playing Ball (Jefferson Parish Recreational Department)

Growing Out of, and Into My Skin

– Grocery Stores, Paper Routes and High School (St. Aloysius)

– My Older Brother and His Girlfriend…long before Glee

– My Dating Days (Should I Really Tell?)

Where Have All the (Peter, Paul and Mary) … Gone?

Then There Was the Career?

Losses and Gains

Learning to Live Together

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Alton Brown

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Did you have a busy weekend? I hope you had a busy fun-filled weekend because you probably needed it. We had a busy weekend. Oh, it was fun, but it was busy.

Patricia has been working with new clients from Ohio. They are moving here from Columbus (imagine that). They are staying with her father in Mt. Pleasant. Did I mention that they have five children under the age of 9? They arrived mid-week and Patricia has been showing them property since then. It must have been like a caravan. Patricia in the lead wagon followed by her band of house hunters. I joined the wagon train on Saturday. We took a late lunch with the family on Saturday at Jack’s Cosmic Dogs. Jack was there hard at work. You might have heard of Jack’s Cosmic Dogs from Alton Brown on the Food Network. The kids love it. The kids had been to this place before and when I suggested it, they were all in. It’s a fun place to have a hot dog and finalized a decision. Oh, but there is more.

This family is staying with Keith and Jill. Keith is her father, and Keith and Jill are good friends of ours. I can imagine what it must be like for Keith and Jill having a daughter, a son-in-law, along with 5 grandchildren staying for some indefinite time. The grandchildren are great kids and full of energy. Regardless of how good the grandchildren are, getting used to a house full of people can disrupt your schedule. I really appreciate what I see with Keith, Jill, Jon and Jami! Each family member cares for the other family members. There are sharing what they have to help each other. What a concept!

Patricia gat home late on Friday and I forgot to shop for dinner. Off to Five Loaves. What a comfortable place to relax. Good food and good service accompanied by a good wine. Not a bad end of the day. After we finished on Saturday we had a quite evening at home (I remembered to shop!) But on Sunday, after a very busy day of work, we decided to hit Los Arcos.  Tacos, salsa, burritos and drinks were the proper end of the weekend. I probably could have left out all the stuff about the places we eat, but I am glad that there are such places when you need them.

It was a busy weekend. But I came away from it with more appreciation for what a wonderful partner I have. Our slogan is “Team Up for Success.” We picked that slogan from what we have been through in our life together. We have always worked together as a team. Now we team up with our clients and like this family from Columbus, Ohio, we Team Up for Success!

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