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I am relatively new to the world of bloggers. I have 15/16 posts and 100 comments that people have made about them. There are days (maybe weeks) that no one reads my blogs. At first I was a bit down about that, but not now. I don’t blog everyday either.

What's on my mind?

When I started blogging I said that I would be posting random thoughts. Sometimes I blog about food. Sometimes about places I’ve seen, or some comment on a subject that was important to me for the moment. I am not making profound statements about life, or suggesting or recommending anything to anyone. I’m just blogging for no one…other than me!
I have found that it is somewhat relaxing to type on my laptop without concern for winning an argument, or making a sale. I never kept a journal and seldom used a Day-Timer or PDA to log activities. I guess blogging is as close as I have come to that.

It really doesn’t matter. I think about things like the red boat in the water and let my mind drift away. If you read it your mind might drift to something you enjoy. No big revelations. No profound statements. No problems solved. No arguments settled and sometimes no point at all…musings aren’t confined to points, or logic. If you want you can leave a comment…your musings about my musings, but you don’t have to.

Thanks for reading this one if you did!

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A view from the roof at Morgan Creek Grill.

I just love where I live! I’m guessing that you love where you live, but if you don’t, the Low Country is a place that you will fall in love with very quickly. I took this picture with a Blackberry from the roof top at Morgan Creek Grill one afternoon this past week.

We were having a nice visit with our friends, the Samuelsons, and enjoying the food at the Grill. It has been very hot for the past several weeks, but on this evening the breezes were cool and comforting. Great friends and good food!

Patricia and I have lived here since 2002. We moved from Morristown, NJ where we had lived on and off for over 25 years. That last winter in New Jersey was difficult in many respects, but the weather was really nasty. We left in a snow storm that followed us down I-95 for many, many miles. When we finally arrived very late at night, there were our friends, the Samuelsons, who greeted us and helped us to settle in for the night.

Living in the Low Country has always reminded me of New Orleans where I grew up. There is so much in common between the two. In New Orleans we had swamp. Here we have marsh. There the canals in New Orleans that were like the area around Shem Creek, in some cases. In New Orleans we had heat and here we have heat. On the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain there were places like Morgan Creek Grill. We always had fresh seafood, just like we have here. Great friends there, just like here.

All of these things are in common between here and there, so for me it was easy to fall in love with this place. After all, it was like I had come home! You can make this your home, It is an easy place to fall in love with, and as Mikey’s brother say: “Try it! You’ll like it!”

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