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Creating business connections is one of the best ways to build your business. For years business owners and sales people have looked for ways to make business connections that turn into lead generators. The Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce came into existence as a way to create business connection. Even fraternal groups offer a means for business to connect with one another to generate sales. More recently, lead generation groups have become popular. Meeting once a month or once a week, these groups are interested in sharing leads with each other to stimulate commerce.

Times are changing and the pace of business is faster than ever. People hardly have time to get to client meetings, much less Rotary Club or Chamber meetings. We are attached by cellphones and are using Social Media in ways that are changing the way business is done and introduces a new way for creating business connections. Ellen Stebbins and Glenn Sojourner are re-imagining how to use Social Media in creating business connections with The Lowcountry Business Network (LBN). LBN is an adaptation of the old business connections model using the meeting places of today, those Social Media sites on the internet, in place of the conference rooms and diners of the past.

Ellen and Glenn started LBN in September, 2010. The network is growing and developing new strategies for the benefit of its members. Once monthly gatherings serve in place of weekly meetings. These gatherings include training and social networking, so they offer a bridge between the old model and what is evolving as the new model. Rather than focus on lead generation, members are encouraged to promote their fellow member’s businesses to their own social network. A tweet, a few well placed words on Facebook, or a connection in LinkedIn can go a long way to generate interest that turns into sales.

My business is being helped through affiliation with LBN. Exposing Dunes Properties Vacation Rental on IOP and Folly Beach to a wider audience will increase the number of vacation rentals at a very small cost to Dunes Properties. It can do the same for your business. Check out their new website http://www.thelowcountrybusinessnetwork.com/idevaffiliate/index.php to get more information about memberships an getting started with LBN. You might create the business connection that will move you to a new plateau!

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When Kristin B. suggested on Twitter and Facebook that her friends should register for 30 Days of Biking, I laughed and thought I would have a little fun with it. Kristin is an avid biker and shares her experiences in her blog http://charlestoninsideout.net/. She and I are both with Dunes Properties, so you will get information on her site about downtown Charleston. Patricia and I cover Mt. Pleasant, Isle of Palms and Wild Dunes, so you will read some real estate information on my blog…good stuff that will help you answer real estate questions. But, this post is about biking and my commitment to ride for 30 days.

I completed my 13th ride today, the 14th day since I started. Sine my last blog post, I have reported on FB and Twitter incorrect information by counting one day and one ride less. After today’s Tweet and FB Post, I remembered when I started and I am correcting the count accordingly. The amusing thing is that I posted and Tweeted that my memory was improving. Now we have evidence that it is!

I remember me then!

I am actually feeling better after the rides and it is carrying over throughout the day. Someone told me I looked like I had lost weight. I can’t say because I did not weight myself at the start. What was the point? I knew I was overweight. I will say that my pants fit better.

It would be fun to hear from you. Are you biking at all? Did you commit to 30 Days of Biking? Are you following the progress on Twitter and Facebook? Will you?

Thanks for reading this post. I’ll write more soon. Comeback or subscribe.

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French Quarter, 2002

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I remember when I was a child in New Orleans. My family lived in Jefferson Parish, but Mom’s family lived in the Irish Channel (OK, technically it wasn’t the Irish Channel). Dad’s family had lived above the French Quarter and moved to various sections of the city. We spent a lot of time with mom’s family. We would go to movies at the Happy Hour theater a few blocks away across from Berman’s Dry Goods Store.

We got our school clothes from Berman’s and when we were old enough, our parents let us pick our own clothes. That’s what we thought! What really happened was that dad and mom call Mr. Berman and told him what we needed. Being a good business man, Mr. Berman gently guide us to the selections we needed to make. It was really a village back then. Mr. Berman’s business benefitted from the network of families in the area. He had cultivated a relationship with some of them and depended on word of mouth advertising to build his business. He was building a network.

Businesses have benefited from this model for years. Become part of the community. Find a few good customers and build a network to increase business. The Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce refined the networking idea. Business men would become members to connect with other business men in affiliated businesses in the hopes of developing leads that would become customers seeking their goods and services. There are also leads groups meeting weekly, or monthly with the specific purpose of finding leads for the members of the group.

Then things changed and the village spread out. Along comes social media, a new type of village.  Soon, businesses saw the potential of social media to expand their markets. People will buy products and use services recommended by friends before those advertised on TV, radio, or in print media. What I saw in the Irish Channel as a boy, is being repeated on the web.

As social media has grown, it has also changed the way business is transacted. Such fast growth has not come without challenges as can be seen in the issues with Craig’s List’s and the privacy discussions on Facebook. Recently, in Charleston, SC, changes is taking place again. The Lowcountry Business Network  (TLBN) is combining the best of the old school, with the best of social media. TLBN is shrinking the village and making it more like what I experienced in the Irish Channel. Local businesses doing business locally building local networks to increase business opportunities.

Mr. Berman would be so proud!

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Real estate agents love being recognized for their hard work. There are times when agents are given awards for their work and they receive certificates or plaques to hang on their office walls. Recently, two agents from the Isle of Palms office of Dunes properties were recognized by Realtor.com for their “Online Marketing Excellence.” Barbara Walker and my wife, Patricia Fuchs are well-respected agents in East Cooper and deserve this award for finding clients that want to list properties with them.

Barbara, Patricia and Rebecca. A great team!

The interesting thing is that both Barbara and Patricia have an assistant, Rebecca Narkiewicz, who handles much of their administrative tasks, including posting their listings on Realtor.com and making them standout from the crowd of listings on Realtor.com. I started thinking about this when the awards were being handed out at a recent Realtor.com event. There were Barbara and Patricia receiving the award certificates, and Rebecca was sitting next to me smiling with pride that two agents that she supports were being recognized for their online marketing excellence knowing that she was responsible for a good part of the work that resulted in the award. Rebecca does her work behind the scenes. She is quiet and efficient in what she does. 

Realtors ideally should be out in their community putting a face on their brand, making sense of the stats and numbers, and educating themselves every day about their product.  We would not be able to do this without the Rebeccas of the real estate world.  Someone who is in the office daily familiarizing her/himself with the latest, ever changing online marketing strategies, typing, stuffing envelopes, making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed on our paperwork. Our Rebecca has been given the nickname “RADAR” by many due to her ability to have information on hand before we know it’s needed.  Such support can be integral to our success (and sometimes our sanity). 

Behind every great person is another great person. Here’s to all of those who are behind the scenes making us look as good as we can look!

Thank you, Rebecca for all of the excellent work you do.

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Art and music surround Jackson Square.

I received this clip the other day  <http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=2539741>. The clip is a collection of various musicians playing a single piece of music. It is a very skillful complication jumping from one musician/place, to another musician/place on the beat of the song. Very clever and inspiring in a certain way. I was inspired to write this post.

I started thinking about not only what I was seeing and hearing, but also how coincidence comes into play in the lives of all of us. All of these musicians were skilled. They all had great voices for this piece. Yet none of them are well-known outside of the place that they are in. Most aren’t even known by name as much as they are by the place. Several were in, or near Jackson Square in New Orleans. Others, in countries we might want to visit someday. We might even want to see the musician from that country that we saw in the clip. But here is the point: None of these musicians is famous outside of their little stage! Time, place and coincidence are at play.

I’m reminded of a passage that reads: “Time and unforseen occurrence befalls us all.” Often when I remember this passage, I think about the negative unforseen occurrences that can befall us. But the passage doesn’t say anything about the occurrences being positive or negative does it? Some musicians are in the right place at the right time and they become famous, even rich with material things. Is that a positive occurrence for them? But not all musicians have that experience. Is that a negative occurrence for them?

An unforseen occurrence happened to me when I received the video clip. I thought it to be a positive thing. After reading this you may see it differently even if you enjoyed the clip. Some might see the post as a positive unforseen occurrence for themselves if it causes them to think differently about the clip.

Whatever the case, art was created over time in a place and we coincidently got to share that art in our own time and our own place.

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Patricia and Chris made it a fun night!

Last week our friends Ed and Chris were down in Hilton Head at their condo for the week. They invited me and Patricia to visit for a couple of days. We have known Ed and Chris since before we were all married. In fact, Ed and I owned a house together in Morristown, NJ, but that is a story for another day!

We started our trip on Sunday afternoon arriving at their condo around 6PM. So on Sunday night we had dinner at the condo. Chris and Patricia put things together and Ed and I did the grilling. Turned out pretty good, I think.

We decided to go to Savannah and enjoy the River Walk late Monday afternoon. Savannah is a beautiful town and the way the city has renewed the area near the river makes it a very comfortable place to walk (there are cobblestones to consider, maybe flat shoes, ladies) and enjoy the sites. River boats ferry guests on short cruises, musicians playing their instruments all along the Walk, and artists working in several different media reminded me of the French Quarter of New Orleans, only smaller.

We walked past the Hyatt Hotel and there was the Rock Bohemian Hotel! The sign at the door invited us to the Top of the Rock. It was a lovely evening and sunset would soon make its appearance, so being on a roof top seemed to be the perfect choice to end our day in Savannah. The hotel is faced with river rocks of various sizes and the floors had a very interesting finish. The lights were eclectic and very attractive. Some had colorful lamp shades of glass, and the chandeliers reflected the local seafood business. They were made with oyster shells hanging at various lengths. How very Bohemian!

We enjoyed appetizers on the roof top as the sun was slowly setting. The food was tasty. The breeze was refreshing.  And the company was perfect.

It has been a while since we were with Chris and Ed and a lot of things have happened in our lives. How fitting that we spend an evening enjoying each others company as the river quietly flowed by with us sitting on the Top of The Rock!

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